Dimplex Fireplaces – Company Profile

The modern electric fireplace is one of the most exciting innovations in recent decades. Making its debut in 1995, the patented electric flame technology has made it possible for families living in all types of homes to create the calming, relaxing atmosphere that only a fireplace can deliver. The Glen Dimplex Americas company has continued to explore innovations in electric flame technology that has so far resulted in 30 patents with more pending. A Dimplex Electric Fireplace for Every Home Whether you live in a McMansion or small apartment, Dimplex has a fireplace that will suit your environment. Media consoles allow you to watch your favorite shows while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere that a fireplace provides. Dimplex has over 40 styles of media consoles from which you can choose. If you love the idea of a fireplace with a mantle, Dimplex has a wide selection. Your new fireplace with mantle can be a focal point in your room or an accent piece. Either way, your fireplace will make the room something special. Your modern home may look even more classy with a wall-mounted fireplace. This type of fireplace does not take up additional space as it graces your home with ambience and elegance. Dimplex offers a selection of sizes, colors and installation methods. Choose the one that works best for your home. Make good use of your old masonry fireplace with a firebox or electric fireplace insert. This is an easy way to bring back the fun of having a fireplace without all the upkeep associated with traditional fireplaces. Electric stoves are great when you want to add heat to your space as well as a new look. Dimplex offers these stoves in a variety [...]

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Ventis Fireplaces – Company Profile

Some homes just beg to have a traditional wood fireplace installed to produce the elegance and romantic atmosphere that only real fire can provide. When that is the case, Ventis Fireplaces offers a variety of wood fireplaces for the discriminating consumer. Ventis Clean Burning and Decorative Wood Fireplaces Ventis fireplaces are clean burning and high efficiency. Their line of decorative fireplaces will enhance any style room. These fireplaces are perfect when you want an elegant looking fireplace and the heat output normally produced by a wood stove. You have a choice of wood burning or gas fireplaces with Ventis. Emissions have been tested and are below the limit recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), making these fireplaces efficient as well as beautiful. Ventis fireplaces can be used as an alternative heat source producing warm, dry heat efficiently, or they can be used to provide the elegance and ambience of a wood fire. Fireplaces can be used with doors open or closed, depending on your preference. High Efficiency Ventis Fireplaces Choose from a selection of ecologically-friendly, high efficiency fireplaces designed to produce heat with non-catalytic combustion technology. You can choose between styles with a single door or double doors. The large glass doors add elegance and style to formal spaces while providing warmth. Ventis Wood Stoves Ventis wood stoves are perfect for smaller spaces, cabins and family rooms. The provide a friendly, comfortable warmth and you can watch as the fire burns in the stove. When a fireplace is too much but you still want the coziness of a real fire, a wood stove from Ventis may fit the bill. Shop For Ventis Wood Fireplaces & Stoves

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Osburn Fireplaces – Company Profile

Stove Builder International Inc. (SBI) is the manufacturer of Osburn Wood stoves. The company based out of Canada is family-owned and has been producing high-quality residential heating products for decades. Their products are sold worldwide. The manufacturing of fireplaces and stoves began in 1978. The name of the company had been F.X. Drolet, Inc. from its beginning in 1875, but was changed to Drolet Stoves and Fireplaces after 1978. SBI produces heating products under several brand names, including Osburn. Osburn Wood Stoves Osburn is known for high-efficiency, EPA-certified wood stoves that are beautiful as well as affordable. Their wood stoves produce heat and have the added benefit of glass doors, allowing you to watch the fire burn. They add ambience to any room with their sleek style and bay windows for viewing the fire. Choosing the perfect size for the room is important. A stove that is too large can produce too much heat. Conversely, a smaller stove may not produce the amount of heat needed to cover the space it is intended to heat. The different size fireboxes put out varying amounts of heat, so it is critical to select the size required to provide the optimum amount of heat. Fireplaces Osburn fireplaces also provide heat as well as beauty. The fireplace you choose can heat an area from 750 – 2500 sq ft., depending on the style. Affordable and EPA-certified, Osburn fireplaces are manufactured to strict specifications and provide you with an efficient wood heating source along with an elegant focal point for any room in your home. Call FireplacePro at 866-845-7845 for more information about Osburn wood stoves and fireplaces. Shop for Osburn Wood Stoves and Fireplaces!

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Choosing A Fireplace – Gas vs Wood vs Electric

The sound of the crackling fire and the mesmerizing dance of the flames in a fireplace captures the attention of young and old alike. One of the most desired features new home buyers request is a fireplace. Depending on the type of fireplace you choose, you have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Many fireplaces are not that efficient when it comes to actually heating a room. They can also be a major source of air leaks. According to house expert Bob Vila of “This Old House,” up to 8% of the warm air escapes through the chimney. Choosing the right fireplace or taking certain steps to mitigate the warm air loss can keep you from losing so much precious heat. Heating may not be an issue for you. Many homeowners are more interested in the ambience a fireplace provides. Still, choosing the one that fits your lifestyle and decor is important and you want it to be as efficient as possible. Gas Fireplaces If you are looking for efficiency when it comes to saving time, the gas fireplace may be your first choice. This type of fireplace does not require hours or money spent getting wood. You do not even need to know how to get a fire started. Just turn it on and you have your fire. Gas fireplaces are efficient also because you can zone the heat. Some homeowners put gas fireplaces in each room and turn on the fireplace in the room they happen to be in. In this scenario, the central heating can be minimal or even turned off completely if weather allows. Maintenance for gas fireplaces is also minimal. You will not need to worry about removing the ashes or cleaning [...]

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