Some homes just beg to have a traditional wood fireplace installed to produce the elegance and romantic atmosphere that only real fire can provide. When that is the case, Ventis Fireplaces offers a variety of wood fireplaces for the discriminating consumer.

Ventis Clean Burning and Decorative Wood Fireplaces

Ventis fireplaces are clean burning and high efficiency. Their line of decorative fireplaces will enhance any style room. These fireplaces are perfect when you want an elegant looking fireplace and the heat output normally produced by a wood stove.

You have a choice of wood burning or gas fireplaces with Ventis. Emissions have been tested and are below the limit recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), making these fireplaces efficient as well as beautiful.

Ventis fireplaces can be used as an alternative heat source producing warm, dry heat efficiently, or they can be used to provide the elegance and ambience of a wood fire. Fireplaces can be used with doors open or closed, depending on your preference.

High Efficiency Ventis Fireplaces

Choose from a selection of ecologically-friendly, high efficiency fireplaces designed to produce heat with non-catalytic combustion technology. You can choose between styles with a single door or double doors. The large glass doors add elegance and style to formal spaces while providing warmth.

Ventis Wood Stoves

Ventis wood stoves are perfect for smaller spaces, cabins and family rooms. The provide a friendly, comfortable warmth and you can watch as the fire burns in the stove. When a fireplace is too much but you still want the coziness of a real fire, a wood stove from Ventis may fit the bill.

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