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Gas-Burning Fireplace Insert

Convert your drafty existing fireplace into an efficient gas-burning fireplace insert. A direct vent gas insert is the perfect solution to improving your heating efficiency and giving you a warmer home. FireplacePro has several gas inserts available, including traditional or contemporary designs, that will complement your home d├ęcor. All the direct vent gas fireplace insert we carry offer superior heating solutions with the convenience of turning your fireplace on or off with a remote control. Make your home cozier and save on energy costs by installing a gas insert.

Gas fireplace inserts are designed to upgrade existing masonry fireplaces. If your project is new construction or does not involve an existing masonry fireplace, please click here to shop gas fireplaces.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Inserts


Vent-Free Fireplace Inserts

Natural Vent Fireplace Inserts

Measuring for your insert

1) insertmeasurementsMeasure the opening size of the fireplace (height & width) plus the depth of the firebox, and back width of the firebox.

2) Also need chimney height.