Napoleon Fireplaces

Wolfgang and Ingrid Schroeter founded the Napoleon Fireplace company in 1976. Napoleon began as Wolf Steel Ltd., a steel fabrication business and was based in Barrie, Ontario. After the company diversified production and branched into outdoor heating products, Napoleon was created.

The company began when Schroeter began building wood-burning stoves in his garage. He started making cast iron frame stoves with glass doors, which allowed the user to see the fire burning within the stove. This was the first of its kind. Distribution of these innovative stoves began in the 80s to homes in Canada and the United States. In 1995, Napoleon added barbecue grills to the product line. Fifteen years later, a charcoal grill was developed for buyers in the European market. Napoleon became known worldwide in 2010, opening offices in the United Kingdom, Austria and the Netherlands. The new barbeque models they developed were distributed not only in those countries but also in Mexico, Israel and Chile.

The company continued to be innovative and in 2013, invented the smallest BTU gas furnace in the world. Today, it still continues to be inventive with grills, heating and cooling products and fireplaces. Napoleon is North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of these goods.

Fireplaces, Stoves and Inserts

Napoleon is known for the high-quality fireplaces, stoves and inserts. They manufacture products that look good and can keep you warm even when the power goes out. They have a wide selection of fireplaces including, gas, wood and electric. They also have a selection of gas and wood stoves that can come in handy if you ever need backup heating. Napoleon manufactures their products to last a lifetime and be safe for using for fun and practicality.

The CLEARion™ Elite Series of fireplace allows you two view the fire from two rooms. This is the first completely see-through electric fireplace. Add ambience and warmth to two rooms with this new innovation from Napoleon Fireplaces. The fireplace can be controlled with two remotes and heat separate rooms at different rates. If you want privacy, you can change the transparency.

Heat Management for More Flexibility

Napoleon has developed heat management solutions for gas fireplaces to make designing your space more flexible. With their heat management system, heat can be directed where you need it most. This allows you to install your artwork and TV closer to the fireplace without the worry of it being damaged. It is easier to install mantels with heat management and the clearance to combustibles is reduced. Fireplace safety is increased because the glass used on these fireplaces is cooler.

Not only do you have all the advantages of a gas fireplace, such as instant gratification in being able to light the fire with a switch, minimal upkeep and a warm inviting fire, you also have the ability to direct the heat. The design flexibility provided by the heat management system of Napoleon’s gas fireplaces is unlike any other fireplace manufacturer.

Napoleon has a variety of innovative and practical advancements in fireplaces. If you want to add the beauty of a fireplace to your home and maintain design flexibility, call the FireplacePro and learn more about Napoleon. Contact us today for more information.

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