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Ventis Fireplaces – Company Profile

Some homes just beg to have a traditional wood fireplace installed to produce the elegance and romantic atmosphere that only real fire can provide. When that is the case, Ventis Fireplaces offers a variety of wood fireplaces for the discriminating consumer. Ventis Clean Burning and Decorative Wood Fireplaces Ventis fireplaces are clean burning and high efficiency. Their line of decorative fireplaces will enhance any style room. These fireplaces are perfect when you want an elegant looking fireplace and the heat output normally produced by a wood stove. You have a choice of wood burning or gas fireplaces with Ventis. Emissions have been tested and are below the limit recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), making these fireplaces efficient as well as beautiful. Ventis fireplaces can be used as an alternative heat source producing warm, dry heat efficiently, or they can be used to provide the elegance and ambience of a wood fire. Fireplaces can be used with doors open or closed, depending on your preference. High Efficiency Ventis Fireplaces Choose from a selection of ecologically-friendly, high efficiency fireplaces designed to produce heat with non-catalytic combustion technology. You can choose between styles with a single door or double doors. The large glass doors add elegance and style to formal spaces while providing warmth. Ventis Wood Stoves Ventis wood stoves are perfect for smaller spaces, cabins and family rooms. The provide a friendly, comfortable warmth and you can watch as the fire burns in the stove. When a fireplace is too much but you still want the coziness of a real fire, a wood stove from Ventis may fit the bill. Shop For Ventis Wood Fireplaces & Stoves

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Osburn Fireplaces – Company Profile

Stove Builder International Inc. (SBI) is the manufacturer of Osburn Wood stoves. The company based out of Canada is family-owned and has been producing high-quality residential heating products for decades. Their products are sold worldwide. The manufacturing of fireplaces and stoves began in 1978. The name of the company had been F.X. Drolet, Inc. from its beginning in 1875, but was changed to Drolet Stoves and Fireplaces after 1978. SBI produces heating products under several brand names, including Osburn. Osburn Wood Stoves Osburn is known for high-efficiency, EPA-certified wood stoves that are beautiful as well as affordable. Their wood stoves produce heat and have the added benefit of glass doors, allowing you to watch the fire burn. They add ambience to any room with their sleek style and bay windows for viewing the fire. Choosing the perfect size for the room is important. A stove that is too large can produce too much heat. Conversely, a smaller stove may not produce the amount of heat needed to cover the space it is intended to heat. The different size fireboxes put out varying amounts of heat, so it is critical to select the size required to provide the optimum amount of heat. Fireplaces Osburn fireplaces also provide heat as well as beauty. The fireplace you choose can heat an area from 750 – 2500 sq ft., depending on the style. Affordable and EPA-certified, Osburn fireplaces are manufactured to strict specifications and provide you with an efficient wood heating source along with an elegant focal point for any room in your home. Call FireplacePro at 866-845-7845 for more information about Osburn wood stoves and fireplaces. Shop for Osburn Wood Stoves and Fireplaces!

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Majestic Fireplaces – Company Profile

Majestic Fireplaces Since the first cast iron furnaces and coal chutes built in 1894, the Majestic Company has been warming American households. The company was founded by James M. Triggs and had its beginnings in Morenci, Michigan. From there the factory moved to Huntington, Indiana in 1907 where they primarily manufactured furnaces that burned coal and oil. They also built boilers at this factory. Manufacturing Fireplaces It was not until the late 1930 that the Majestic Company got into building fireplaces. The original model was a circulating fireplace made of steel masonry. Cool air from the room is drawn into the fireplace and goes back out into the room as warm air. Many of today’s heatilator fireplaces work on the same principle, circulating air throughout the room. Majestic Helps with the War Effort In 1942, the Majestic Company aided the war effort by using a division of their manufacturing to produce aluminum aircraft castings. As the war continued, the company manufactured stoves and cooking appliances which were to be used by the military. It was not until 1954 that the company produced the first prefabricated fireplaces. The Zero-Clearance Fireplace Majestic produced the Thulman Fireplace, a zero-clearance fireplace. These units were made such that the outside of the fireplace would not get hot enough to burn other materials. They could be placed near combustible materials like walls or wood without burning or scorching them. These fireplaces took up less room and did not require complex masonry work for installation. Mergers and Innovation In 1969, the Majestic company merged with American Standard to produce fireplaces for homes. Nearly ten years after the merger, they were granted a patent for a new design for their fireplaces. This design [...]

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Napoleon Fireplaces – Company Profile

Napoleon Fireplaces Wolfgang and Ingrid Schroeter founded the Napoleon Fireplace company in 1976. Napoleon began as Wolf Steel Ltd., a steel fabrication business and was based in Barrie, Ontario. After the company diversified production and branched into outdoor heating products, Napoleon was created. The company began when Schroeter began building wood-burning stoves in his garage. He started making cast iron frame stoves with glass doors, which allowed the user to see the fire burning within the stove. This was the first of its kind. Distribution of these innovative stoves began in the 80s to homes in Canada and the United States. In 1995, Napoleon added barbecue grills to the product line. Fifteen years later, a charcoal grill was developed for buyers in the European market. Napoleon became known worldwide in 2010, opening offices in the United Kingdom, Austria and the Netherlands. The new barbeque models they developed were distributed not only in those countries but also in Mexico, Israel and Chile. The company continued to be innovative and in 2013, invented the smallest BTU gas furnace in the world. Today, it still continues to be inventive with grills, heating and cooling products and fireplaces. Napoleon is North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of these goods. Fireplaces, Stoves and Inserts Napoleon is known for the high-quality fireplaces, stoves and inserts. They manufacture products that look good and can keep you warm even when the power goes out. They have a wide selection of fireplaces including, gas, wood and electric. They also have a selection of gas and wood stoves that can come in handy if you ever need backup heating. Napoleon manufactures their products to last a lifetime and be safe for using for fun and practicality. [...]

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