Ventis HE350 Wood Fireplace with faceplate and refractory – MSRP $6,895

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Ventis HE350 Wood Fireplace

Luxuriously heat even the largest room with the HE350 wood burning fireplace by Ventis. This high efficiency, zero clearance fireplace features a large viewing area through double cast iron doors. The arched traditional faceplate adds a touch of elegance,Ventis Logo enhancing the visual impact of this fireplace. Holding up to a 25″ log and capable of 95,000 BTUs with seasoned cord wood you can easily heat 1,000 to 2,800 square feet. With only 1.6 grams per hour emissions, the HE350 meets stringent EPA guidelines.

  • Model #VB00005
  • C-Cast baffles
  • 69.7 % efficient
  • EPA rating: 1.6 g/h
  • 95,000 BTU maximum with seasoned cord wood
  • Heats 1,000 – 2,800 sq. ft.
  • 11-hour burn time
  • High-efficiency EPA certified appliance
  • Automatic or manual adjustment of combustion air supply
  • Glass air-wash system
  • Moulded refractory bricks
  • Stainless-steel secondary-air system improves gas combustion
  • 176 CFM blower with thermo switch and rheostat
  • 25″ maximum log length
  • Non-catalytic combustion
  • 8″ flue diameter
  • Cast iron double door
  • Ceramic glass with 29-3/4″ wide x 13-1/2″ high viewing area
  • Unit dimensions: 45-1/4″ wide x 43-3/8″ high x 31-3/4″ deep

Required for the Ventis HE350

Traditional faceplate

Refractory brick kit

Available Accessories for the Ventis HE350

5″Ø fresh air intake register with airtight damper

Warm air circulation grille

Fireplace carrying handles – for carrying fireplace pre-installation

Forced air distribution kit

Hot air gravity kit – traditional

25′ insulated flex pipe 6″ diameter

Outside Air Kit



Forced Air Distribution Kit

Manage the heat distribution automatically using a wall thermostat. Select the temperature you want to maintain in the room where the fireplace is located. Once the thermostat is satisfied, the excess heat is redirected to another room up to 50 feet (15 m) away from the fireplace using a 350 CFM blower. This allows you to enjoy the fire in your living room without the discomfort of excess heat generated by your Ventis fireplace. The system can also be used to supplement heat in a room remote from the fireplace. For this type of application, the thermostat needs to be positioned in the desired room and programmed with the temperature to be maintained. The system, now in “heat mode”, will activate the blower as long as the temperature in the remote room is not achieved and as long as the fireplace has enough heat to distribute.

Ventis HE350 Product Manual & Specifications

Diagram of Ventis HE350 wood fireplace dimensions from front

Diagram of Ventis HE350 wood fireplace dimensions from left side

Diagram of Ventis HE350 wood fireplace dimensions from top

Diagram of Ventis HE350 wood fireplace dimensions from right side

Ventis HE350 corner installation diagram

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