Napoleon Ascent DX42 gas fireplace with television mounted above with no mantel in living room settingManufacturer’s Suggested Price Starting at:  $3,499* starting
Napoleon Ascent Deep X Series Gas Fireplace – DX42 DX42NTRE DX42PTRE

Napoleon Ascent Deep X 42 Gas Fireplace DX42

A more luxurious experience is yours with Napoleon’s Ascent Deep X traditional gas fireplaces featuring increased depth. napoleon2015logoAscent Deep X models offer several upgrades over the Ascent Deep models: ceramic glass, premium safety barrier, premium blower included, Proflame 2 remote control, and a night light. Numerous design options make the Ascent DX42 compatible with your interior design style. Install artwork or electronics nearer to the fireplace with optional heat management systems allowing reduced clearance to combustible materials.

  • Clean face design
  • Premium safety barrier
  • 31,000 BTUs natural gas
  • 30,000 BTUs propane
  • Battery backup, USB charging
  • 22″ framing depth
  • Oak log set included
  • Beach fire driftwood logs, shore fire kit, and mineral rocks optional
  • Optional finish trim or beveled trim
  • Interior options include MIRRO-FLAME Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels -OR- decorative brick panels:
    • Westminster Grey Standard or Herringbone
    • Newport
    • Sandstone
    • Old Town Red Standard or Herringbone decorative brick panels
  • Remote control included
  • Premium heat circulating blower included
  • Ceramic glass

Photos & Video of the Napoleon Ascent Deep X 42 Gas Fireplace

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Photo 1: Ascent DX42 shown with Oak log set, Mirro-Flame Porcelain Radiant Reflective panels

Photo 2: Ascent DX42 shown with Oak log set, Westminster grey stacked brick panels

Photo 3: Ascent DX42 shown with Oak log set, Newport stacked brick panels

Available Options and Accessories for the Ascent Deep X 42

Optional Decorative Brick Panels

MIRRO-FLAME™ porcelain reflective radiant panels (optional)

Newport standard decorative brick panels (optional

Westminster standard decorative brick panels (optional)

Westminster herringbone decorative brick panels (optional)

Old Town Red standard decorative brick panels (optional)

Old Town Red herringbone decorative brick panels (optional)

Sandstone standard decorative brick panels (optional)

Optional Fronts and Trims

3″ Trim kit (optional, flat style, 43″ W x 37-3/4″ H)

Beveled 3″ trim (optional, picture frame style, 45″ W x 38-1/2″ H)

Optional Media for the DX42

Shore Fire kit (optional; sand, rocks, glass, & vermiculite)

Beach Fire kit (optional; driftwood logs only)

Mineral rock kit (optional)

Additional Accessories for the Ascent X Deep Gas Fireplace

Proflame II remote (included)

eFire Bluetooth remote app (optional)

Premium variable speed blower (included)

Universal Heat Management: Simple and quiet heat management circulating heat around the room using ducts. Allows safe installation of electronics or artwork above the fireplace with reduced clearance. Front or side heat discharge. (Side heat discharge illustrated) (optional)

Hot Air Distribution Kit: Move warm air from the fireplace into other areas of the room, a different room, or outdoors via flexible ducting with an independent fan control. (optional)

Required Options for the Ascent Deep X Series DX42 Gas Fireplace

Required Venting – Questions about venting? We can help! 866-845-7845

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