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Napoleon Ascent B42 gas fireplace with rustic wood mantel above and gray notched tile along sides in white living room.Manufacturer’s Suggested Price:  $2,699*
Napoleon Ascent 42 – Napoleon B42 Gas Fireplace

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Napoleon  Ascent 42 – B42

Napoleon’s Ascent line features several state of the art clean face gas fireplaces including the Ascent 42. This is a great fireplace not only for new homes, but also for home renovations and for businesses. This direct vent gas fireplace comes with Napoleon’s classic PHAZER® log set and Napoleon’s advanced napoleon2015logoburner technology creating the most realistic flames in the industry. A multitude of options such as decorative fronts, trim kits, decorative brick panels and MIRRO-FLAME™ Reflective Radiant Panels allow your new fireplace to be custom designed to match any decor. This beautiful gas fireplace also comes with an approved safety barrier.

  • Exclusive PHAZER® log set and glowing ember bed are the most realistic in the industry
  • Pan style burner
  • Back-up control system ensures reliable use, even during power failures
  • Millivolt or electronic ignition systems available
  • Flex connector complete with shut off (electronic ignition system only)
  • Optional Decorative Brick Panels
  • Optional MIRRO-FLAME Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels
  • Optional decorative fronts or 3-inch trim kits
  • Optional remote control
  • Optional blower kit
  • Pre-wired for wall switch
  • Optional media enhancement kits include Beach Fire, Shore Fire driftwood logs and Mineral Rocks

The Ascent B42 replaces the BGD42, BGD42 Clean Face, BGD42 Grandville, BGD42CF, BGD42CF Grandville, Grandville 42, Grandville 42 CF, Grandville BGD42, Grandville BGD42CF, Napoleon BGD42 Napoleon BGD42 Clean Face, Napoleon BGD42 Grandville, Napoleon BGD42CF, Napoleon BGD42CF Grandville, Napoleon Grandville 42, and Napoleon Grandville 42 CF.

Photos & Video of the Napoleon B42 Gas Fireplace

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Photo 1:  Ascent 42 shown with MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels, PHAZER® Logs

Photo 2:  Ascent 42 shown with Westminster Brick Herringbone Panels, PHAZER® Logs

Photo 3:  Ascent 42 shown with Westminster Stacked Brick Panels, PHAZER® Logs

Photo 4:  Ascent 42 shown with MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels, Heritage Front, PHAZER® Logs

Photo 5:  Ascent 42 shown with MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels, Wrought Iron Surround, PHAZER® Logs

Photo 6:  Ascent 42 shown with Sandstone Panels, 3-inch Beveled Trim, PHAZER® Logs

Photo 7:  Ascent 42 shown with MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels, 3-inch Trim, PHAZER® Logs

Available Accessories for the Ascent 42

Decorative Panels for the B42

Decorative brick panels Sandstone standard (optional)

Old Town Red herringbone decorative brick panels (optional)

Decorative brick panels Westminster herringbone (optional)

Decorative brick panels Westminster standard (optional)

MIRRO-FLAME Porcelain Reflective Panels

MIRRO-FLAME™ porcelain reflective radiant panels (optional)

Decorative Fronts and Trims for the B42

Heritage front (optional)

Zen front (optional)

Wrought iron decorative surround (optional)

Beveled 3″ trim (optional, picture frame style, 45-9/16″ W x 35″ H)

3″ trim (optional, flat style, 44-9/16″ W x 34-9/16″ H)

Optional Media for the B42

Shore Fire kit (optional; requires support bracket; sand, rocks, glass, & vermiculite)

Mineral rock kit (optional; requires support bracket)

Beach Fire kit (optional; requires support bracket; driftwood logs only)

Shore Fire kit with Mineral Rock kit excluding the glass media

Shore Fire and Beach Fire kits with glass media removed

Beach Fire kit and Shore Fire kit with sand and vermiculite removed

Beach Fire kit and Shore Fire kit with rocks and glass media removed

All three kits with some rocks and glass media removed

All three kits used excluding the glass media

Additional Accessories for the B42

F60 & F45 remote controls, on/off with digital screen (optional)

Digital wall mount thermostat (optional)

Variable speed blower (optional)

Hot air distribution kit


Required Options for the Ascent 42 – B42

1) Required Venting – Questions about venting? We can help! 866-845-7845

For over two decades, Wolf Steel has had the perfect answer to simple and complex venting situations. Wolf Steel’s Freedom Flex Venting is a cost effective solution that is versatile and light weight, simplifying your installation. Compared with traditional venting, Flex Venting can save you up to 75% in time, labor, and parts costs. Manufactured with two layers of rolled aluminum, Flex Venting pipes pass each and every certification test, exceeding industry standards.

Possible venting configurations diagram.

Cutaway diagram of Wolf Steel flex venting.

Vertical venting termination components diagram.

Flex vent

Square wall terminal

Round wall terminal

Silhouette terminal

Roof terminal kit (kits may vary)

High temperature sealant

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