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gds60-large-2015 Manufacturer’s Suggested Price:  $3,999* starting
Napoleon Knightsbridge – GDS60 Direct Vent

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Napoleon Knightsbridge – GDS60 Direct Vent Gas Stove

The Napoleon Knightsbridge Gas Stove is renowned for its solid performance and impressive heating efficiencies. The Knightsbridge comes standard with Napoleon’s PHAZER® napoleon2015logolog set, glowing embers, anti-condensation switch (controls pilot usage for cold climate installations) and electronic ignition with battery back-up. With its larger viewing area and elegant fine detailing on the sleek and sophisticated outer casting, the Knightsbridge is designed for the perfect combination of form and function for your home.

  • Advanced burner system produces the most realistic YELLOW DANCING FLAMES® in the industry
  • Larger viewing area with its new updated design
  • Safety Screen Included
  • ACS (Anti-Condensation Switch) controls pilot usage for cold climate installations
  • B-Vent Adapter Kits allow installation into existing chimneys
  • Flame/heat adjustment for maximum comfort and efficiency
  • Compact, easily accessible and user-friendly controls
  • Equipped with 100% SAFE GUARD gas control system for your peace of mind

Photos of the Napoleon Knightsbridge Gas Stove GDS60

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Napoleon Knightsbridge painted black

Photo 1: Painted black

Napoleon Knightsbridge painted black with sandstone panels

Photo 2: Painted black with sandstone panels

Napoleon Knightsbridge porcelain Majolica brown finish

Photo 3: Porcelain Majolica brown finish

Napoleon Knightsbridge porcelain Majolica brown finish with sandstone panels

Photo 4: Porcelain Majolica brown finish with sandstone panels

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Available Accessories for the Knightsbridge Gas Stove

Decorative Brick Panels Sandstone Standard

Decorative brick panels sandstone standard

Trivet (required when Installing a rear vent)

Trivet (required when installing a rear vent)

Andiron, set of two

Andiron (set of two)

Variable speed blower

Napoleon F45 and F60 remote controls

F45 on/off and F60 thermostatic remote controls with digital screen

Wall mount digital thermostat W660-0081

Digital Wall Mount Thermostat

Leg leveling/stove securing kit

Leg leveling/stove securing kit

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Required Options for the Napoleon GDS60 Knightsbridge

1) Required Venting  – Questions about venting?  We can help! 866-845-7845

Please call us and we can help you determine the appropriate venting for your situation.

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Product Manual and Specifications for the Napoleon Knightsbridge Gas Stove


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