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napoleonhaliburtonphoto2015 Manufacturer’s Suggested Price:  $2,949*
Napoleon Haliburton – GDS28 Direct Vent Gas Stove

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Napoleon Haliburton – GDS28 Direct Vent Gas Stove

Good things do come in small packages! If you have limited space but still desire the beauty and convenience of a gas stove… the Napoleon HaliburtonGas Stove napoleon2015logois the answer! Offering a variable heat range up to as much as 30,000 BTU’s, this stove may be compact in stature, but not in power!

Required Options

Questions about required options?  We can help! 866-845-7845

1) Required Door w/Safety Screen (choose one)

Haliburton Metallic Black Door GS328KSB

Metallic Black Door

Haliburton Satin Chrome Door GS328SSB

Satin Chrome Plated Door

2) Required Venting  – Questions about venting?  We can help! 866-845-7845

Please call us and we can help you determine the appropriate venting for your situation.

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Photos & Video

See a Napoleon GDS28 Gas Stove you like?  Call us at 866-845-7845!

Napoleon Haliburton gds28 black

Photo 1: Painted Metallic Black Finish Accent Bar and Door, Standard Safety Screen

Napoleon Haliburton gds28 satin chrome

Photo 2: Satin Chrome Plated Finish Accent Bar and Door, Standard Safety Screen

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Available Accessories

Haliburton Satin Chrome Trivet GS200-SS

Satin Chrome Plated Ornamental Trivet

Haliburton Satin Chrome Accent Bar AR28SS

Satin Chrome Plated Accent Bar

Black Andirons ANI-K

Black Andirons (set of two)

F45 & F60 Remote Controls, On/Off with Digital Screen

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Product Information

  • No electricity is required to light or operate – ensures reliable use even during power failures
  • Advanced burner system produces the most realistic YELLOW DANCING FLAME® in the industrynapoleon2015logo
  • Flame/heat adjustment for maximum comfort and efficiency
  • Compact, easily accessible and user-friendly controls
  • Safety Screen Included
  • Equipped with 100% SAFE GUARD gas control system for your peace of mind
  • Heat radiating, high-temperature ceramic bay glass door available in satin chrome plated or painted metallic black finishes (ordered separately)
  • Ease of operation is added with an optional, convenient wall thermostat or an on/off auto temperature remote control
  • Built-in blower extracts maximum heat from the extra large heat exchanger.
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