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Wood Fireplace Pros and Cons

There is nothing quite like the ambience provided by a traditional wood fireplace. Not only do they provide heat, the aroma of wood burning and the sound of the crackling fire produces a mesmerizing experience that most people enjoy. They also stir memories in many people of good times in the past with family and friends. Advantages of Wood Fireplaces A wood fireplace gives a room a special feel and it serves as a natural focal point. Nowadays, many homes have a fireplace as part of their media center since fireplaces can be made to integrate a TV into the design. Families enjoy gathering around the fireplace to share time together. When the power goes out, you do not have to worry about a source of heat. A fireplace can make a big difference when there are winter snowstorms or other storms that may cause a power outage. Not only does the wood burning fireplace provide heat for your family, it can also be used to cook food if the power is out for an extended period of time. The value of your home may be increased if you have a traditional fireplace. Home buyers may be willing to pay as much as $2000 more for a home with a fireplace. The ambience and practicality of a wood burning fireplace are worth the extra amount for many people looking for a new home. Disadvantages of Wood Fireplaces As with everything, there is also a downside to having a wood burning fireplace. The maintenance is higher. You will need to buy or chop wood to keep your fireplace going. You will also need to remove the ashes on a regular basis. Creosote buildup in the chimney [...]

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Ventis Fireplaces – Company Profile

Some homes just beg to have a traditional wood fireplace installed to produce the elegance and romantic atmosphere that only real fire can provide. When that is the case, Ventis Fireplaces offers a variety of wood fireplaces for the discriminating consumer. Ventis Clean Burning and Decorative Wood Fireplaces Ventis fireplaces are clean burning and high efficiency. Their line of decorative fireplaces will enhance any style room. These fireplaces are perfect when you want an elegant looking fireplace and the heat output normally produced by a wood stove. You have a choice of wood burning or gas fireplaces with Ventis. Emissions have been tested and are below the limit recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), making these fireplaces efficient as well as beautiful. Ventis fireplaces can be used as an alternative heat source producing warm, dry heat efficiently, or they can be used to provide the elegance and ambience of a wood fire. Fireplaces can be used with doors open or closed, depending on your preference. High Efficiency Ventis Fireplaces Choose from a selection of ecologically-friendly, high efficiency fireplaces designed to produce heat with non-catalytic combustion technology. You can choose between styles with a single door or double doors. The large glass doors add elegance and style to formal spaces while providing warmth. Ventis Wood Stoves Ventis wood stoves are perfect for smaller spaces, cabins and family rooms. The provide a friendly, comfortable warmth and you can watch as the fire burns in the stove. When a fireplace is too much but you still want the coziness of a real fire, a wood stove from Ventis may fit the bill. Shop For Ventis Wood Fireplaces & Stoves

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Choosing A Fireplace – Gas vs Wood vs Electric

The sound of the crackling fire and the mesmerizing dance of the flames in a fireplace captures the attention of young and old alike. One of the most desired features new home buyers request is a fireplace. Depending on the type of fireplace you choose, you have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Many fireplaces are not that efficient when it comes to actually heating a room. They can also be a major source of air leaks. According to house expert Bob Vila of “This Old House,” up to 8% of the warm air escapes through the chimney. Choosing the right fireplace or taking certain steps to mitigate the warm air loss can keep you from losing so much precious heat. Heating may not be an issue for you. Many homeowners are more interested in the ambience a fireplace provides. Still, choosing the one that fits your lifestyle and decor is important and you want it to be as efficient as possible. Gas Fireplaces If you are looking for efficiency when it comes to saving time, the gas fireplace may be your first choice. This type of fireplace does not require hours or money spent getting wood. You do not even need to know how to get a fire started. Just turn it on and you have your fire. Gas fireplaces are efficient also because you can zone the heat. Some homeowners put gas fireplaces in each room and turn on the fireplace in the room they happen to be in. In this scenario, the central heating can be minimal or even turned off completely if weather allows. Maintenance for gas fireplaces is also minimal. You will not need to worry about removing the ashes or cleaning [...]

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