Did you know we spend more than 80% of our time in only 20% of our home? When I think about that, I realize I have rooms in my home that don’t get used for days, sometimes weeks, but I keep them at a constant 75 degrees like the rest of my house. The easy, money saving answer to that is “zone heating”.

Zone heating uses alternative heat sources to maintain a comfortable room temperature in the rooms you use the most, while your main heat source maintains an efficient room temperature in the rooms you aren’t using.  When utilizing zone heating homeowners can see an energy cost reduction of up to 30%. Those savings mean hundreds of dollars back in your budget every year.

One of the most effective ways to efficiently implement zone heating in your home is by installing a gas fireplace. They offer both money saving efficiency and a beautiful accent piece for your living space. Everyone enjoys a cozy fire during those cold months. By turning down your main heat source and supplementing with a gas fireplace, you save enough money that your fireplace pays for itself in 2-5 years.

We offer efficient gas fireplaces for any application and room in your home. From a Napoleon Vittoria for your bathroom, to a Majestic Jade in your kitchen, a Napoleon HD46 in the living room, or even a linear fireplace in the bedroom. The options are endless, and the savings make it worthwhile. Save money this season by implementing zone heating throughout your living space.


Read more: https://napoleonfireplaces.com/what-is-zone-heating-and-how-it-works/