Linear fireplaces are becoming more popular with each passing season. They offer the same great features of a traditional fireplace, just in a longer more rectangular layout. Most often they come with contemporary media like crushed glass or stones. Most manufacturers incorporate a ribbon flame that runs the length of the fireplace.

Traditional fireplaces like the Napoleon Ascent 42 are still the most popular choice. Offering that beautiful log fire and glowing embers. Traditional gas fireplaces bring you back to the time of heating your home with cord wood. Often paired with a hearth and mantel, they offer a great focal point for any room.

Linear fireplaces like the Napoleon LV50 Vector are often picked when you want your fireplace installed higher on the wall. They also offer different dimensions to better fit your TV. Traditional fireplaces are typically squarer in appearance and offer a campfire style flame. There is no right or wrong answer when choosing between a traditional or linear style fireplace. It comes down to your preference and the design aesthetic you are looking to achieve.